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A malady in which one involuntarily remembers images and snippets of conversation from the previous night's activities.

ie, The egg slipped off his fork, as he remembered how the tall girl had rolled her eyes at him outside the bar the night before. In addition to a throbbing headache, John had woken up with a vicious case of the morning birds.
by Chrissisyphus December 27, 2008
The re-interpretation or misinterpretation of an expression.

ie. 1 (from the movie “The Graduate”)
Mr. Robinson: “Don't you think your plan is kind-of half-baked, son?”
Ben: “Oh no sir. It's all the way baked.”

ie. 2
The conversation about our big, clumsy uncle came to a halt when she asked in exasperation, "What's so strange about a bowl in a china shop!?"

ie. 3
Teacher: “All right class, the last thing I want to get to is...”
Class clown: “Yeah. That's the last thing we want to get to, too.”

Well that was a bowl in a china shop! I guess he'd never heard that green can mean 'sick' as well as 'jealous'.

by Chrissisyphus December 29, 2008
A personal idiosyncrasy or quirk.

A weekend at the Thompson's was long enough to see their secret squirrels start to come out.

Anna won't talk when she drives through a tunnel; she has to hold her breath. It's one of her secret squirrels.

by Chrissisyphus December 27, 2008

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