To apply the law of attraction as touched on by the self-help film, The Secret.
"Dude, I can't believe you got that promotion."
"Well, I can. I secreted pretty hard for the interview."

"Why the fuck is Chris Angel famous? He's such a fag.."
"Yeah, he's just proof that you can pretty much secret whatever you want no matter how lame"
by throyourhornsup September 16, 2008
another work for afair, or lover
"so I heard Amy has a new secret!"

"does her man know yet?"

"if he did it wouldnt be a secret anymore now would it?"

by Fiscus April 08, 2008
The thang that people don't tell stupid people don't need to know!!!!!!!!
A lady is dying in her death bed and her daughter ask what is is , she says " It's a secret u stupid cow"!
by 2419 October 02, 2006
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