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Also known as breadlibers and duckliebers are the most hated fan-base in the entire world. They have their own Wikipedia page, broke the Guinness Record and own about 86% of Twitter. People are saying that they are obsessed with Justin Bieber (their idol) but in reality they just want to help Justin become more successful.

Not only that but people are also judging the ENTIRE fan-base based on maybe 1-10 people's actions.
I myself am a belieber just trying to get the respect we all deserve but I do agree with some of those people... Beliebers can be a bit... overreacting.

Here's something to the 29 million beliebers :Kill them with KINDNESS
by Crystals October 20, 2012
Secrets are those words that can destroy all happiness. It is something that can never be repeated. No matter how much you trust that person, once they find out one of your secrets, be prepared to be back-stabbed.
She should never had told Linda her secrets...
by Crystals October 20, 2012
Something that makes you do crazy things, without you realizing it. whether is good or bad it's all for that one special person.
"I would cross the oceans, I would cross the seas, just to see you smile and hear you say you love me too" He said as he leaned down to kiss me.
by Crystals October 20, 2012
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