Seattle is a major city positioned in the Pacific Northwest, close to the northern border of the U.S.. It is the base of Boeing, Starbucks and Bank of America as well as the home of the Mariners and the Seahawks. Seattle has its own airport, King County International Airport, or KBFI or KCIA, as known otherwise. Seattle hosts a huge population of people, mostly mexicans and Asians. The Mexicans are a growing problem because of they're invasion of America, but the Asians are almost always the nicest people you'll meet. Another problem is "Laptop Gangsters" who walk around town drawing graffiti. Usually seen wearing longsleeve collared shirts with a dark green 100% cotton pull over handme down from his big brother who cuts down trees. Weather wise, it's quite rainy, but in the summer months, its as hot as it is in Iraq on a cold day. Seattle also hosts the Museum Of Flight, Experience Music Project and many other museums. The food in Seattle is good. If you're on a wine taste with a wine budget, head to Ipanema, the Brazilian Barbecue restaurant, if your a wine taste on a beer budget kinda guy, your screwed in Seattle.
Seattle Regularly

Mexican at the Park Talking To His Friend: Mayyyn I'm going to sc-ud-rue joo up mayn

Mexicans Friend: Awwww hayo naw, you can't tooch dees

Me: Go play cross country.

Asian Woman Who Serves Samples At Costco: Oh hello thaya, you have some of my sample?

Me: Of course! ....... Wow Delicious! I'll buy all of it.

Asian Woman: Ohhhh you no need do that, I give you all free!

Me: Thanks!

See what I mean?
by Scienceorderandreality June 24, 2009
A largeish city in the far northwestern corner of the United States. It is the larges in the state of Washington and it never stops raining. Prominent features include, the Space Needle, and Starbucks world head quarters. It is the city with the highest suicide rate in the country and no wornder with all that rain and all the people who don't stop talking about themselves or why their city is so no one.
Seattlite: "I'm so hella cool cuz I'm from Seattle, and did I mention I'm from Seattle? Lets walk to one of the 500 Starbucks or Java Juices in the rain and let me tell you why MY city (Seattle) and I are the only things that matter in the world!...Seattle!"
by The Vegas February 11, 2009
text message code word for get this guy away from me he is a fucking drip
text - seattle
carly - here hold on to my drink i need to save jody from that loser
by jody martin January 27, 2008
It rains a lot. It kinda sucks. Avoid pike place market, seattle center, and westlake. Tourists clog it up really bad from spring to fall.

It rains about 9 months out of the year. The rest of the year it's so hot there are forest fires galore. I was born and raised here and I'm moving to California as soon as I can afford it.

Speaking of money, it's extremely expensive to live here. The people are super unfriendly on the streets. Especially if they can tell you're not from around here. I've unfortuneately found myself doing the same thing more and more recently.

I pay over a grand a month for a small studio. The buses always make me late for work. And the drivers here are atrocious.

The lattes however will make you stay forever. And once you find your niche(if you ever do) you'll probably never leave.

If you move to Seattle, don't expect it to be grand. Good luck.
Hey what the fuck is that bright thing in the sky?!?!?!

Oh shit man, its the sun, it show's like once year in Seattle.
by Missy and Ty April 07, 2008
A place in Washington State in USA. An elite member of the EFNet IRC Network that a lot of people in channels I'm in look up to.
seattle is |<-r4d with the 0day.
Seattle is how fow in the bing now.
by Pound Admin June 17, 2007
A logging camp in the Pacific Northwest that made some money selling camping gear to idiots fighting for the chance to freeze/starve to death while looking for gold in the Yukon. It then became a logging camp with airplanes and progressed to a logging camp with airplanes and computers. Now it is a logging camp with airplanes, computers, and the biggest collection of snobs, posers, and self righteous assholes of every persuasion ever assembled.
Its residents espouse a particularly aggressive type of unpretentiousness that succeeds in setting new human performance benchmarks for pretension. Almost no one there is from there. All of its adult residents diffused there down a steep identity gradient toward a place where they thought they could find, buy, import, hire, or outsource an identity of their own. By the way, how’s that going for you so far? Maybe a few more Frank Gehry scrap piles masquerading as buildings will help.
Most of their time is occupied by lecturing less fortunate citizens of this country on how much better everything in Seattle is than in any other place on earth. This leads to obsessive comparing of themselves and their utopia to cities with actual histories and cultural identities, such as: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Tacoma, etc. This delusional herd of “enlightened and beautiful” people exult in, not suffer from, a collective, and well founded inferiority complex.
Speaking of being lectured to by these uberwankers, just try and bring up a hobby or interest of yours without having it spelled out for you in a smarmy, condescending tone how the lecturer has pursued that hobby or interest to the most extreme ends humanly possible and how your own pathetic dabbling fails to so much as amuse them. (Try mentioning hiking or some other outdoor activity and watch the fun!)
It also has great scenery, weather (despite what you’ve heard), and coffee, none of which make it worth the effort of trying to live there. (unless you’re filthy rich as are way too many residents)
In our lifetime, a humongous earthquake will shake the entire heap of coffee grounds, bicycles, Frank Gehry buildings, ecofascists and wankers into Puget Sound, an act not unlike the flushing of the toilet of almighty God. I’ll miss the space needle, but not the people in it.
With so many ecofascists, uberwankers, and Eurotrash wannabes, Seattle is America's own private Germany!
by hatchetface March 23, 2007
^^^ Uh, dude, Olympia is the capital of Washington, not Seattle.
fuckhead jerkass bitch
by knightblade2oo4 February 05, 2005

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