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An attraction in downtown Seattle, WA. It's really tall...more than 500 ft, that's all i know so far. You can eat dinner in there, look in the gift shop and more.
I love the Space Needle
by mixedcutie March 07, 2008
25 13
A sexual four way involving three gentleman and a female, where sits on a chair the girl climbs on top to ride him, another man penetrates her from behind and the third gets a chair to stand on while the girl gives him oral, thus creating a tower look. I.E. the Space Needle.
My buddies and I last night got so drunk we got a girl to to do the Space Needle with us
by Merc4hire89 November 13, 2010
9 3
to go crazy. to do something erratic or unexpected. also to do something extraordinary. originating in Seattle, Washington.
damn son these cats out here going space needle on this kayak.
by sticks1984 July 22, 2011
6 7