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Legs accustomed to standing/walking on boats. Having a good balance on a boat/ship at sea.
My my laddy, you're tripping all over the place. Where's your sea legs?
by shawn February 17, 2004
When a girl has a powerful uncontrollable orgasm rendering her unable to stand as her legs shake until she falls to the ground. Often looks like a newborn deer trying to stand up and take its first steps.
Jenny came so hard her sea legs made her look like she was in an earthquake as she clenched to the counter to hold herself up.
by Labron James May 18, 2009
n. ability to hold one's drink like a pirate; a high tolerance for alcohol
Look how sloppy drunk Dave is. When is he going to get his sea legs?
by nukeevry1 May 28, 2009
When one has consumed so much alcohol that he/she starts to sway while standing/walking
Did you see Jimbo last night? He had the worst sea legs! He's gonna be so shipwrecked!
by Davercadaver May 18, 2011
To be so drunk you feel as if you on a boat.
"I am so sauced I got the sea legs"
by Sneaky P February 09, 2007

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