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SDMF is a the creation of Black Label Society--a band led by Ozzy Ozborne's guitarist Zakk Wylde. SDMF is a unique hybrid of shared ideals and fan club. The actual acronym is most commonly read out as either "Society Dwelling Mother Fucker" or "Strength Determination Merciless Forever"
I am a SDMF, and do not wear pink polo shirts with the collars up.
by Yoder March 30, 2005
Society Dwelling Mother Fucker
as in Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society
can also stand for Strength Determination Merciless Forever.
On The Black Label Website they will often refer to their fans as S.D.M.F.ers
by Urban Dictionary July 06, 2005
Stands for:


Used by american soldiers during WWII.
i guess you could see SDMF written on helmets, patches or tanks,etc during WWII.

¨Krauts in the open! C´mon guys SDMF with those nazi bastards!¨
by _goatboy_ February 21, 2006
1) strength determination merciless forever, the credo of American metal band Black Label Socitey
2) Society dwelling mother fucker ( a BLS fan)
dude:do you like BLS
Dude 2: YEAH SDMF man SDMF
by mikec589 April 24, 2008
A phrase started by soldiers in World War II: Strength Determination Mercilessness Forever.
He started the SDMF chant, a powerful silence-breaker.
by Aradiuth May 18, 2009
SDMF is an acronym for Strength Determination Merciless Forever. See Black Label Society/Zakk Wylde for details.
S.D.M.F is a way of life for fans of BLS.
by DanieDarlin May 26, 2006
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