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So Cute.
The act of being "So Cute".
Oh my God, your so scute!!
by Kailinn February 11, 2011
1.) So cute

2.) Adjective used to describe one/something that is cuter than cute. That person/thing still ranges within the 'cute' level, but not cute enough to be considered pretty, hot, sexy etc.
1.) That small Asian midget is scute!

2.) Dat rachet ass hoe ain't lookin' scute today nuh uh....
by Sandalu JeHarry September 16, 2013
so cute
omg, that cat is s'cute!!!
by tayaaa July 19, 2016
Sweet + cute = scute.
That shirt is really scute.
by Meggy P June 09, 2007
Something that is 'scute' is a mix of sexy and cute.
Have you seen the new Girl at school? She's kind of cute. Or sexy.
... Scute.
by 55555online October 24, 2013
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