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1. origin: from Mongolian title "khan" designated for rulers of the nomadic nation
i.e. Ghengis Khan, one of the greatest Mongolian leaders who led his people to conquer nearly all of Asia and East Europe

2. a crazy mofo known primarily for his God-given abundance of hair which is sometimes referred to as a bird's nest and his erratic, insane behaviour such as riding trolleys down half-pipes.

3. someone who does crazy stunts that no one else would do without payment.
I can't believe you lit your pants on fire! You are such a Kaan!
by yasminor June 22, 2007
Kaan is turkish version of Khan. Kaan is defined as "Empire" in detail explains great leadership and great power.
Documentary on Discovery about The Ottomon Empire gave details about great names.

Example: Osman from which the name Ottoman is derived and Kaan which means "Empire"
by KD01 November 12, 2010
Polite address of an esteemed Muslim gentleman.
(equivalent of Sir in English)
Learner: Hello Kaan.
Sage: Son, do not treat me with such respect.
by Vladimir Joseph Jones July 04, 2013
A small, turkish man with retarded characteristics
Man 1: 'You can't ride a bike?'
Man 2: 'No, I walk everywhere'
Man 1: 'You're such a Kaan!'
by kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan March 18, 2011

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