1. (verb) The act of stumbling over an invisible bump in the floor.

2. (noun) The sound one makes when skumping. Usually sounds like a simian grunt.

3. (proper verb) A highly exaggerated form of stumbling performed by a Scape (or Skape). *Perform* is the operative word here. An ordinary scump is more than a regular trip or bump anyway. When done by a Scape, Scumping (note the capitalization) involves wild gestures, blood-curdling shrieks of terror and pain. It is always followed by imaginary injuries and paranoid accusations.

While a normal scump could be the result of tripping over a previously-unseen bump, a Scump is always done for attention and never involves any physical contact, except whatever the Scape ends up falling into (a barrel, a shelf, a table, etc). A Scump has no discernible cause, though the Scape usually tries to blame them on a roadblock of some sort which was purposely left in its way. If ignored, a Scump will be forgotten, though it might resurface in future tales.

Usual suspect causes of a Scump include tables, barrels on the other side of the room, cracks in the floor, and errant dust particles.
1. "Hey, Zeke, what happened?"

"I was headed to the conference room, and suddenly I tripped on a scump."

2. (Walking across the hall)

"Hey, Clem! How're you - ooffff! Scump!"

3. "Someone must have put that table in my way on purpose, because I never saw it before and I fell and..."

"Oh, great. The Scape just Scumped again."
by Krakky McKraken September 03, 2006
Top Definition
dirty, stinky, foul ejaculatory fluid. Akin to a regional dialect perhaps, in an environment that is humid, hot, and sticky.
Leon blasted his filthy scump all over Chantal's lucious booty, left the apartment, and then went to go get wasted on Bourbon Street.
by JayDizzle May 10, 2005
v. to excesivly hump
Corey always scumps cassie, what a dog.
by conz July 17, 2004
Noun- Scump in noun form is the name given to the infamous character of an urban DVD which orientated in the northern country of Ireland. ' Raw- a wickerfest Tale' began cirulation in May 2005. Scump often appreciated as 'Scump!' played a small but significant role in the feature which celebrated the 'randomess of youth'. Now that the young gentiles who created the DVD have long passed onto to other things - Scump himself remains, celebrant, and reformated for the World Wide Web.
Whilst Scump! is indeed practiced as a noun it can often be referenced to a situation of unfortunete luck combined with an attitude of disgust.

eg.'Ack balls, I think just Scumped myself'
by SMD Studios September 05, 2006
a person who sniffs bicycle seats
"After riding my bike, I had to shoo away the scump."
by Tony Mangles February 06, 2010
To "Scump" is to stand with your arms crossed, eye's diverted away from any person, and humping. This act must be all business- no pleasure allowed.

A very serious pelvic thrust to an individual whilst ignoring that same person.
Person 1: Hey man why's that guy moving all funny around that girl?

Person 2: Don't worry man... He's just scumping!
by molecricket345 January 26, 2010
noun (scumpy)
1. The sloppy, lack of knowledge, dirty, rude, gumpy type of person.
He has no types of manners man, fckn scump

He's a scumpy
by jumpboy23 November 21, 2015
a word that describes something with a cuteness rating of unbelievable magnitude. It can be used to describe a dog or another domestic animal of that sort.


"She is a little scump, right?"
"Look at that scump run like a scump!"
by Brian Voskerijian January 06, 2007
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