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3 definitions by conz

v. to excesivly hump
Corey always scumps cassie, what a dog.
by conz July 17, 2004
V. to smoke weed
N. weed also see,grombles,grombit
ADJ. to be high
based on the Grombit Lifestyle
V. Yo, we just grommed a bomb blunt.
N.yo, JP hook me up with some gromms
ADJ. Bore was so fuckin grommed and he ran home.
by conz January 21, 2007
To shake or tremble
To be be hyper
To be in need of a fix
1. That bitch be quakin.
2. Dude, you all quakin. You lookin'?
3. That airplane was quakin the whole time.
by Conz March 02, 2003