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adj. The appearance and actions of a poor, inbred, usually white-trash person. Scuddy people live in trailers or backwoods shacks with no electricity or running water. Adults subsist on a diet of cigarettes, lite beer, and welfare cheese. Children subsist on a single meal per day: school lunch, with a particular affinity for tater tots. Because they tend not to have running water, scuddy people tend to smell horrible. This is a particularly popular term in Southern Ohio.
Once, in Junior High, I saw this scuddy kid dump Farley Wireman's tater-tots on the floor. He responded by beating him. Alas, Farley was so scuddy the blood remained on his sleeve for the remainder of the year. That was his only shirt.
by SkidMarkyMark June 02, 2006
Magazine-based pornography, preferable found discarded in woodland by bigger boys.
Aw whit man, Kezza's just found a huge bunch of scuddies behind the bike sheds. I'm away for a swatch.
by davecg December 09, 2003
See scud. The behaviour of a scud.
That was really scuddy when he kicked his head against the kerbstone like a football.
by chris hume February 02, 2004
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