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the male equivalent of sprunt. Scrotum sanitizer.
After today's baseball game I needed a healthy dose of scrunt just to be able to stand the smell of myself while taking a wiz.
by Holdenn March 31, 2009
3 3
Combination of three words - skanky crusty cunt; used to describe a woman of ill repute.
That girl is such a scrunt!
by Jason Spencer April 21, 2003
248 73
A wolf like creature in the new movie "Lady in the Water". A Scrunt has fur that resembles grass and so is able to appaear as a mound in the grass. Scrunts also have glowing red eyes that are visible at nights in mirrors.
Watch out! I saw a scrunt in the yard last night.
by Allie Stapleton July 24, 2006
95 76
The dirtiest word in the English language. Still safe for work, until an actual definition is arrived at: best to leave it blurry.
"I'm so sick of that scrunt next door leaving his bins in my driveway, I think I may set them on fire."

"SCRUNT!" (After dropping cast iron replica of Danny De Vito on foot)

"That guy at the shop totally scrunted me out of fifty cents!"
by metavore July 29, 2009
33 21
A loose woman, combination of three terms, stupid, cunt ( cant understand normal thinking) and runt oft ( she done"runt oft" with a girly man.
That scrunt done kicked everyone to the curb, including her mother and son, and took up with a girly man!!!
by JAR1 November 06, 2011
6 3
A combination of scrooge and cunt. A person who has the time, resources and skill to put up christmas lights but refuses
That dude in Belle Meade with no lights is a straight scruntin.
by rdawg2012 December 13, 2010
8 5
a scumbag runt
that little scrunt could'nt kick my granma's ass
by ron June 17, 2003
8 5
1.A term for an annoying beaver-like folk
2.Leave it to your imagination
1.Tre: Mike, stop stealing my pornos you little scrunt!
2.Who, did you see his/her scrunt it was whack!!
by Trey Buevens November 01, 2004
7 6