to have sex with a woman
you cant scrunt us love ive got the painters in but you can whack us up the shitter if you like
#root #sex #shag #boink #biffed
by philipjamecook March 25, 2007
Top Definition
Combination of three words - skanky crusty cunt; used to describe a woman of ill repute.
That girl is such a scrunt!
by Jason Spencer April 21, 2003
The dirtiest word in the English language. Still safe for work, until an actual definition is arrived at: best to leave it blurry.
"I'm so sick of that scrunt next door leaving his bins in my driveway, I think I may set them on fire."

"SCRUNT!" (After dropping cast iron replica of Danny De Vito on foot)

"That guy at the shop totally scrunted me out of fifty cents!"
#cunt #scrotum #cooze #cunny #nutsack #spooge #santorum #balls #ballsack
by metavore July 29, 2009
A wolf like creature in the new movie "Lady in the Water". A Scrunt has fur that resembles grass and so is able to appaear as a mound in the grass. Scrunts also have glowing red eyes that are visible at nights in mirrors.
Watch out! I saw a scrunt in the yard last night.
#skrunt #wolf #the blue world #lady in the water #skurt
by Allie Stapleton July 24, 2006
The vagina of a short, fat, often Italian woman. The 'scrunt' is almost always sweaty due to the fat surrounding it and most often covered in thick matted hair.
That lil Dego 's scrunt was so rank and oily I had to wear coveralls just to service it.
by Ray Paynus November 02, 2015
A woman who nobody likes and has a scrunched up cunt that smells of BBQ and tuna who also likes to take it up the ass.
Brittney Chap and K CO DA HOE are scrunts.
#cunt #clit #white zombie #shocker #buttsex
by mcfucksalot March 26, 2009
Scroty Cunt or Ball sack or Knob End
you are a total scrunt from Bradford
#scroty #cunt #bellend #hairy hole #fuck face
by Underdog72 December 02, 2011
a scumbag runt
that little scrunt could'nt kick my granma's ass
by ron June 17, 2003
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