The art of getting from A to B purely by means of running through people's property, turning over as much lawn furniture and stealing as many pegs as possible along the way. Est. 2009 in NZ.
I was almost caught scrumping by Mrs Atkinson.
by jimmya May 09, 2012
An african american type of dancing involving moving every part of your body simultaneously and continuously for several minutes.
"Dude he was scrumping last night at the club."
by kingballscupmaster May 22, 2009
the act of two people dry humping on the floor which may or may not lead to sexual intercourse. Beware the person on top may obtain severe carpet burns from performing this act.
Holy hell!!!! Look at that girl's legs! Her man and her musta been scrumping bad last night.
by N- jiggity dog August 19, 2011
an alternative term for the act of jelqing, a Middle Eastern penis enlargement technique. Though originating in the Middle East, scrumping has become extremely popular amongst males throughout the world. The method is intended to enlarge the penis by exercising the smooth muscle and other tissues in the penis, with the goal of permanently increasing the maximum erect size of the penis. Scrumping is alternatively referred to as "penis milking", "dong stroking", and "rod rubbing".
Man 1 at urinal: "Jesus Christ man what'd you do to your dong?! It looks like you're smuggling a python!"

Man 2 at urinal: "Sup. It's pretty big, huh? It used to be a tuna can, exact dimensions. But after months of dedicated scrumping, I've managed to produce this piece of penile perfection.
by J-Rym June 11, 2010
Scrumping means stealing you clowns.
'Me and me mates, we used to go scrumping for cars'
by Michelle McManus May 12, 2004
The most rapid of all humping, closely related to porn star fucking.
We was scrumping last night so hard I ran a tear in my shit.
by Nickthehung October 23, 2005
The act of sucking and humping with in the same setting. A slang word that is less offensive then fucking.
Me and my hoe were scrumping so hard that we popped the water bed.
by PUZ January 25, 2004

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