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Fearless and bold; brave.
Spaceman Spiff is an intrepid explorer of space.
by Dangerous Dave June 07, 2005
Impoverished; needy.
The Wall Street Crash of 1929 left many a wealthy speculator as indigent as the proverbial church mouse.
by Dangerous Dave June 07, 2005
originally: traditional african drum
really cool pronunciation (jim-bay) allows for usage in almost any situation.
Other forms:
n - djembeity

v - to djembe (past - "djembe'd")
can mean any number of things. Primarily "to be owned" or "to be pwned"

adj - djembeic

"Dude did you see the djembeity of those threads?"

"--Did you see that dis?"
"- Yea, he got djembe'd!"
by Dangerous Dave February 19, 2005
To protest bitterly of vehemently.
When the train ground to a halt yet again, one passenger began to inveigh angrily against the transit system and the people who ran it.
by Dangerous Dave June 07, 2005
Incapable of being overcome.
"Much as I'd love to play shortstop for the Yankees, my age is an insuperable barrier to realizing any such dream," grandpa remarked.
by Dangerous Dave June 07, 2005
A single turd of substantial size that pokes out of the water, but has most of its mass underneath the water.
Rob said upon leaving the toilet "I've just laid a shitberg. It was big enough to sink the Titanic!".
by Dangerous dave February 08, 2012
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