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Scrum is when you accidently get cum all over your scrotum after ejaculating
Sarah had licked the scrum off of Jack so he wouldn't get any on his underwear.
by Smodge Podge February 18, 2013
5 13
a group of penguins
an offense manouver in Rugby
a certain set of computer software tools
penguins in scrums are fun to watch

the team's scrum helped them score

i used SCRUM to do some computer stuff
by Wallis and Futuna Islands December 21, 2004
272 89
The act of jacking it while doing a shit. It is said to be the ultimate body relief.
Michael: Luke you look so relaxed.
Luke: yeah i just had a scrum
by brewskies October 12, 2009
142 56
n. Central activity in Rugby football. Sixteen overweight men or women push into each other while holding one anothers shirt tails. Face-kicking, ear-biting and scrotum-butting are allowed, but, oddly, foot-lifting is severely punished. A call of "not in straight" results in a penalty kick instead of knowing sniggers while a call of "push over try" results in jubilation and moist scrum down.
Scrum! White! There's your mark! Crouch! Touch! Pause! Engage!

Is that referee high on something? The match hasn't started!
by gnostic1 June 28, 2012
18 15
Skating, crying, raging and cumming all at once
Randy went to go scrum
by poopytitties November 20, 2013
3 6
the kind of person who follows you around and really pisses you off, but you use them for resources so you never confront them.
"This scrum is pissing me off, but i need him to get me beer"
by Dyldo September 07, 2012
8 13
The combination of scotch and rum typically mixed with either coke or dry. It can also be consumed straight as a shot or over ice.
Last night I had a scrum or two which caused me to lose my pants.
by ScotchRum June 29, 2011
11 17
Word used when referring someone that is the worst of the worst or lowest of the low. Can be seen as the human version of a crumb, basically useless. Word is used most oftenly when referring to someone who cannot aim straight or kill anything at all in online video games, such as Modern Warefare 2.
-Dude, why do the scrum always have to be on our team?
-Omg, this guy is the lowest form of scrum, he couldnt even kill me when I was in last stand.
-We are going to have to back out, this room has no scrum what so ever.
-Get throwing knifed worthless scrumlord!
-The early morning scrum are out to get destroyed.
by Sticky Bone February 25, 2010
27 33