1. someone who spoils Christmas

2. a stingy person, a miser
He was a scrooge but he never understood what christmas was about anyway.
by The Return of Light Joker December 22, 2009
A broad who refuses to show her Christmas spirit by receiving a Santa Claus
Devin: I couldn't get that broad Kesha to let me give her a Santa Claus

Jeff: What a scrooge!
by Trim Reaper December 01, 2009
(adj.) the kind of person who is selfish and wishes others harm
"That man is such a scrooge!"
by Shell E. February 19, 2013
When one changes lanes while very close to the car behind oneself.
"I was about to miss my turn, so I had to scrooge this guy to make it into the turn lane."
by NicholasCage September 25, 2009

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