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Novella is a term used to describe some super jucey gossip and roumours that usually concerns relationships of people you know. It can be about someone smooching, cheating, or unashamably flirting. Derieved from the spanish shows tela novellas. Novella usually occurs under the influence of alcohol and is extremely difficult to keep to yourself.
Me: OMG sticks I have some jucey Novella!!!
Sticks: What is it?
Me: No i cant tell.
Sticks: You have to, I'll hurt you.
Me: Oh no please dont, ok I'll tell you.
by Lyn Blake February 28, 2007
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A beautiful woman. A determined woman who can make her dreams come true. A girl who can make people laugh when she wants to be funny and break hearts when tears fall from her eyes. She is like a starburst, bright and beautiful. She is like a story that you can't stop reading. History class in school would be awesome if it was about Novella because the class would be full to learn the subject.
If they made it more Novella, everyone would buy it.
by Rockin4Faith February 06, 2010
A Female employee who is a IT Novell Admin, very old, and should have been decommissioned long ago.
Novella is driving me crazy today, another ID10T Error. Problem between Chair and Keyboard.
by DetroitVeteran August 02, 2011
A fuckin hardcore band featuring Tyler Konersman- Vocals, Josh Spohr- Guitar, David Curry- Guitar, Cory Lanemen- Drums, Sam Thomas- Bass/Vocals. Their vocalist screams like a cougar! xD
novella is the shit! :D
by JakeScissorhands May 27, 2009
Sweet Metal/Rock band which comes from St. Louis. They played Almost everyday on 2005 Warped Tour
Novellas Song the 1980's B-Rated Horror Movie Guide To Homecoming Night rocks.
by Daniel July 18, 2005

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