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thick semen; from the scrotum
I jerked off my piss stick and shot scroatmeal all over.
by Salvo August 21, 2005
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To recover your scrotum after it wrinkles in the shower, you may find it invigorating to let your nuts rest in a bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal.

Also, refers to when someone decides to really ruin your morning by dipping their sweaty, hairy ballsack into your bowl of oatmeal.

Also, another word for herpes.

Also, AIDS.
Hey Creighton. I noticed that your oatmeal was kinda plain this morning. Don't worry, I fixed that problem. Enjoy your scroatmeal.
by The Scrote Squadron March 03, 2014
(scrōt - mēl) -noun.
A thick, gluey substance found under testicles of questionable hygenic levels. Also see "SMEGMA".
"That guy is so nasty he could have filled a whole bowl with his scroatmeal."
by BeachpoetLuke March 06, 2010
Big Beaver Joe Durand's favorite meal.
"The ONLY meal is Scroatmeal"! - Big Beaver Joe Durand
by Golee-ath June 30, 2009
A warm, smelly, bacteria ridden paste-like jelly that resembles oatmeal which forms on and around the scrotum and in the dark crevasses between the ball sac and inner thigh that forms from a lack of washing and poor hygiene.
After several weeks of intense physical activity without showering, my balls smell like death and scroatmeal has begun to form in my nether regions...
by Comedian1978aEw December 15, 2014

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