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Slang term desribing a cone of marijuana.
Derived from "Scrunching Scrillies" which is a play on the term "Punching Billies"
"Hey bro can I haver another scrilly?"

adjective: "I'm heaps fucking scrillied man"
by the original pocho man October 04, 2010
a lower class scruffy woman with loose morals, questionable hygeine, no shame,no manners with animalistic traits who will drink until she's unconscious,or gets into a fight.
she in one scrilly bitch!
by Killian Jordan/Yvonne Kenny November 17, 2007
The person who is next in line for something. Coined by Steve in Colorado for a cigarette.
"Who's Smokin?"
"I call scrillys on that shit"
by Steve-r July 22, 2006

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