scribble-like creatures in your head that delete your negative thoughts or negative things that happened during the day. While they're doing so they leave you in confusion and make you clumbsy; which explains clumbsy moments. They want you to be happy all the time.
I've been clumbsy today.It's all because of my (scribbles).
by AnatheSaiyanCutie April 21, 2009
Top Definition
taking/singing a previously written song and adding extra notes, octaves and words not included in the original song. Sung particularly by African American decent.
Man, Alicia Keys likes to scribble!!!
Miriah Carey scribbles in every song!!

Stop scibbling the song, you're ruining it!!!
by g funk & b bob July 07, 2009
the noise when a DJ makes a bunch of scratches in a row..usually messin up the beat
damn man that nigga scribbles all over tha beat
by Griff July 01, 2004
hundrerd dollar bill
i got scribbles in tha bed, scribbles in my
by 8legspyder December 16, 2009
White people can use this word when listening to there favorate rap songs without using the n word. You can only call white people scribble, or else its racsist.
Scribble please. My scribble. I'm scribble rich. So on and so forth.
by Rapfan78 September 27, 2011
The act of blowing on a girl's face and then smearing it with your dick. Rubbing your dick on her face or just slapping her with it a few times are acceptable forms of scribbling.
That chick was so nasty she let me scribble all over her face.

Come on baby, scribble on me like your an artist.

by jalto April 13, 2009
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