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$5.ooo or more in your pocet.money
got that peanut butter cup baby.
by 8legspyder December 22, 2009
hundrerd dollar bill
i got scribbles in tha bed, scribbles in my pockets.money
by 8legspyder December 16, 2009
a very strong drink. to get past tipsy.
have a sip of surple,chaser patrone.drinks
by 8legspyder December 15, 2009
fresh dressed,fresh kicks, smell fresh, b fresh.fresh
caps is fitted,im all about them dropps.
by 8legspyder December 26, 2009
nother word for minnasota state. minnasota haveing alota hustle for money.crack
im from cracksota,where my pockets got tha mumps..
by 8legspyder December 24, 2009
haveing money for your family
i got them hash potatoes,that means ticket meal cash
by 8legspyder December 16, 2009
a dance in the club, shakeing her but.
hay man, look at that girl doin the wabbit! ya shes got back man.ass
by 8legspyder December 17, 2009

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