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From 'to scribble.' A young child's lack of drawing skills, when a person, usually a child, scribbles all over a sheet of paper randomly.
Not coloring in the lines
The teacher said, "Try to color your picture nicely, don't scribble scrabble."
by zham September 25, 2008
When two or more objects, ideas or accounts of information have been mixed up or swapped leaving the recipient in a state of uncertainty and despair.
While looking at my itinerary I got the flight times all scribble-scrabble and missed my connection.
by Batman8001 November 23, 2010
to scribble here and there. A reduplication of ‘scribble.’ Also used as a noun.
1. Do not scribble-scrabble on the wall.
2. Then, the scribble-scrabble is your handiwork.
by uttam maharjan October 20, 2011