A screenshot, usually taken during a video chat without the other person knowing, that makes that other person look like shit.
During a skype video chat....
Person 1: Duuude, did you just take a screenshot of me dancing?
Person 2: No *dodges eye contact*
Person 1: You liar! I saw you pressing buttons. Send it over.
Screenshot of Person 1 dancing sent over
Person 1: Fuck, man! I look like shit. You and your fucking screenshits.
by WindowPaneHairGirl July 11, 2011
Top Definition
A "bullshit screenshot"; a pre-rendered image that is displayed by video game magazines and websites in a manner that misleads the public into believing that it represent the game's actual looks. Word first used in the webcomic "Penny Arcade".
- Wow, check these pics of Red Steel on IGN! It looks awesome.
- Fakes, man! Pre-renders! Look, the Wii renders at 480p, but these pics are much bigger. So they are just screenshits!
by Stormwatch February 03, 2008
To shit on the screen/monitor in suprise of a fail on your behalf.
Laurgasm: I love this snog
Whitey: snog?
Laurgasm: song* OMG
Laurgasm: /screenshit
by Wh1t3y June 29, 2009
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