a girl typically that instead of or along with screamin moaning ect scratches your back chest legs etc while getting sexed up
my girlfriend is a great scratcher
by TAF119 March 15, 2009
A person who tattoos from their home with either a machine or by stick and poke.
"Your tattoo looks really awful and infected, was it done by a scratcher in your basement?"
by minke June 05, 2014
Bed - derived from the actions of a dog, which scratches the ground before settling
"Steve won't get up, he's still in his scratcher . . "
by i2oo February 05, 2013
Someone who oddly scratches themselves in an odd and awkward manor
Scratcher: *scratch scratch scratch* oddly on butt
Normal guy: go scratch somewhere else
by Yea it's me bro August 06, 2012
A person who plays instant scratch off State lottery ticket or a short name for any generic scratch off tickets, regardless of purchase value, jackpot amount or game type (Bingo, Matching, Poker , Crossword, 3 of a Kind, ect.)
The lottery games I play are the number drawing games and raffles but my brother only plays the scratchers. Can I please get the $2 Bingo scratcher. I only play the $5 poker scratchers. Someone won the last million dollar scratcher. I never won the matching scratchers. I always lose this type of scratcher.
by LottoScratcher December 27, 2011
A person who goes through rubbish/garbage/dustbins looking for things.
Chris spots Fred going through the bins out the back of the hotel. "Scratcher" he calls out.
by Beardyboo December 13, 2011
One who, with the use of a rubber band, applies friction to a playing vinyl record to create a high pitched 'wikky wikky' sound.
Dude, did you catch that house mix at the club on Sat night?
Yeah, that boy is a masta' scratcher
by Rebel P June 01, 2007

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