The act of taking any item not nailed down, preferably items that can be sold at the scrap yard i.e. steel, aluminum, copper to make a living.
A good day of scrapping can get you a twenty dollar rock and a pack of cigarettes.

Deadbeat: Ma I'm locked up. Cops got me scrapping aluminum siding off a house.
Ma: Damn you! I told you not to call collect anymore from the jail! What jail you in?
Deadbeat: Ashtabula City. I was fixing to make $23.00 off that aluminum. I had $6.00 on me bastards took it for pay to stay.
Deadbeat: Gotta go they putting me in a cell. Love ya.
Ma: Love you too.
by CMBS6 January 02, 2008
Top Definition
fighting, physical fight, punching , hand to hand fight
Man, those two fools were straight up scrapping.
by Kangoe Joe October 27, 2003
to go mud riding in your buddy's 4x4 in Douglas County, Oregon, on a Saturday because there ain't shit else to do. And the scrapping ain't done till all the Busch cans are thrown out the window.

"Hoooweeee, whatchaknowgood, son??!! I got the old man's gas card — you wanna go scrapping or what?"

"Hell yeah — But first ya gotta beer me up, bitch!"
by maynard manolo July 03, 2008
begging for something, especially repeatedly
He's always scrapping for change outside the store.
by Dan August 16, 2004
I was up half the night scrapping to Brazillian scat porn.
by Jojo Weiss October 05, 2009
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