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A close friend or associate. Someone with whom you feel close or feel a kinship.
How ya doing scrant? Haven't seen ya in a while scrant. We all love ya scrant.
by Scrant May 24, 2007
Slang term for marijuana.
I smoked some very righteous scrant today and am totally wasted.
by Professor Nyink December 31, 2011
A combination of a rant and a screed, where extreme criticism is delivered in both written and verbal form. A rant is verbal criticism, and a screed is in written form. A scrant is both, like a transcription of Mel Gibson screaming at his ex-girlfriend.
Did you hear Mel Gibson's scrant at his ex-girlfriend? Sounded like a sequel to The Shining is in order...
by SweetnessInLittleRock July 16, 2010
can use infront of any word.
"i just dropped a scrant 5 minutes ago."
" andrew looked like such a scrant today"
" dude, you smell like a scrant"
"i would like my sandwich with turkey, mayo, and a little bit of scrant"
"her scrant is HUGE!"
"i can see your scrant from here"
"ew did u just scrant?"
by sir scrantsalot October 24, 2011
A woman's twunt. plural: scrant
I jabbed her, but lovingly, in her moistened scrant; it was with my scrant rod.
by demandango April 10, 2006
A combination of "its" and "Grant" made popular by a certain young man's answering machine and way of speaking. you can add a "s" before the word when trying to speak this way. ya know its how i talk
"Whats your name?"
"Whos your favorite college football team?"
Sthe Huskers
by noisy cowboy September 04, 2006
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