Derogatory term used to describe a person of diminished mental capacity- formerly known as "retarded".
Damn, Frank is so impatient. He got mad when his McDonald's order got screwed up and yelled at the scrambled egg who took his order.
by Frank Klaune March 29, 2005
It's when you are, like, banging a chick, right? And right as you're about to bust a nut you run into the kitchen! And then you break a bunch of eggs open on a skillet and then move them around until they look like they're about done. Then you, uh... then you eat them.
Person 1: Oh shit! Last night I was bangin' this chick and I gave her a SCRAMBLED EGGS!!!

Person 2: OH SHIT!!! True dat?

Person 1: True dat!

Person 2: Word! How was that sheeit?

Person 1: It was delicious.
by K-Pax December 29, 2005
The act of abortion through use of male genatalia.
Leroy gave Sally a scrambled egg while Johnny was at work.
by Wrong turner September 13, 2009
when two fags are fucking reverse cowboy and their balls are smashing against one another.
"How was your night with Johnny?" "Oh you know, went over and had some scrambled eggs."
by DickRay August 31, 2008
sexual act wherein the man holds his ejaculate in his his foreskin after orgasm, then begins to urinate and releases it all at once on his partners face.
Last night I gave her a nice scrambled egg.
by instantbreakfast April 30, 2008
Vomiting due to excess of MDMA, holding it in your mouth and shaking your head in time with the music.
I ended up on the dance floor full on scrambled eggin' it all the way innit mate, quality tunes, so i was a scrambled egg for at least 20 minutes!
by cwish March 25, 2008
When a female performs oral sex on a male and he ejaculates into her mouth and the ejaculate comes back out her nose.
Those scrambled eggs burn.
by prevert April 11, 2009
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