In Hockey when a player lays someone out so hard that the person who got hit doesn't know where he is, can't skate, can't think, but still tries to go on with the game. As seen in the NHL when Darcy Tucker hit Sami Kapanen.
Tom:Wow he got bundled!
Dave:That was way more than bundled, that's scrambled eggs right there!
#bundled #laid out #jacked up #out for the count #dangle
by TheCoolFool December 21, 2008
Top Definition
Upon ejaculating on a woman's breasts or stomach, the gentleman proceeds to whisk the pool of semen with his penis. Best results occur when both the woman and the penis are kept in constant motion to help create smaller and softer curds.
After she received the scrambled egg treatment, she had to take a shower.
#eggs #dirty sanchez #cleveland steamer #starburst #moneyshot
by Internet Warlord April 29, 2008
Military: Describes the uniforms of higher ranks that have excessive gold braiding or decoration on the caps and sleeves.
The dictator Idi Amins uniforms were famous if only for the massive amounts of scrambled egg on them.
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004
When a female is performing oral on a male's junk, she places a vibrator at full blast in his scrote between his balls. As he aproaches ejaculation she begins to vigorous move the device in a 'scrambling' motion.
"OHHHH man I heard Jessica sucked your dick last night."
"Yes she most certainly did! She even pulled out her rabbit and gave me some Scrambled Eggs right before I came in her mouth!"
#scrammbled eggs #scrambbled eggs #balls #blow job #vibrator
by Busaman June 27, 2009
A Human brain that has been destroyed by a psychopathic assassin. Favorite snack for Government employed Trolls.
Jared Loughner made scrambled eggs for his Troll friends, with Gabrielle Gifford's brain.
#humpty dumpty #tossed salad #cole slaw #dr pepper #zombie
by FirstCaucasoid February 07, 2013
When a woman is kicked in the crotch and suffers from mass egg confusion and damage as a result. Many women have reported having malooly and/or re re children.
I kicked that hoebag and she got scrambled eggs.
#scrambled eggs #egg confusion #damaged egg #egg #scrambled
by Neil Mik January 26, 2009
Boil a couple of eggs, peel them and have your girlfriend suck them into her meat taco. Use your raging boner and hammer the shit out of her for about 5 minutes. Then proceed to eat your freshly made scrambled eggs.
Honey, lets make some scrambled eggs.
#scrambled #eggs #sex #yummy #food #suck #boner #boil #girlfriend
by peanutsz April 25, 2013
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