A classic bar that used to be located at 262 Winton Rd in Rochester New York, now known as Colters. A real haven for the inner city alcoholics. A typical hard nose bar where one could have a cold brew, mingle with bikers, play pool, and possibly pick up a prostitute. Fell victim to poor management due to neglegence by a former police officer
Scoundrels was a sweet fucking bar man.
by Joe Willy Coleman September 25, 2006
Top Definition
1. A villain, a rouge
2. An evil person
3. A Roughneck
4. A pirate
5. A criminal
The ship was full of scoundrels.

I wish they would catch those scoundrels who robbed me.
by David Jedziniak April 06, 2006
A gangsta ass rap group from Columbus, GA. They have featured Pastor Troy in their hit song, "The Ghetto." 706.
Scoundrels rep they city, Columbus, GA. Pat 'em down at the door...Scoundrel Squad, C town, Columbus, GA
by Skelo February 25, 2009
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