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To take a piss. Specifically one hell of a piss. A long one, one that feels good whatever.

Can be used with "Drain the dragon" , "Drain the lizard" , or unfortunately "Drain the gecko"
EX 1:
Guy: I'll be back, I gotta drain.

EX: ( A guy and girl are about to have sex)
Guy: Ready babe?
Girl: Drain on my face!
Guy: Ya need to get the fuck outta here with that shit. No joke I just wanna beat it up.
by Nadsafs March 13, 2009
The word can have several meanings.

1.Jubbard(ing): to complain

2.Jubbard: to have sex with an animal

3.Jubbard: to defecate
EX 1. Allen kept Jubbarding about his English class.

EX 2. I bet that guy Jubbards animals.

EX 3. Man, I had to take a huge Jubbard.
by Nadsafs March 11, 2009
When you're checking out the females. Specifically, to go out of your own way to check out a girl.
EX 1:
Guy: Hold up I can't tell if she's hot yet.
Guy2: aight that's cool
Guy3: scoping out the hoes?
Guy1+2: YEA YUH
Guy1: oo yea, I would.
by Nadsafs March 14, 2009
An alternate way of saying Faux Hawk. A hairstyle you will often find on a douchebagor poser characterized by a 1-3" ridge going down the top of the head. The rest of the hair is not shaved. 'Tis gay.
Guy1: look at that douche.
Guy2: Yea he's got a fag stripe.
Poser: I'm so cool
by Nadsafs March 14, 2009
A way to express moderate to extreme happiness.

However, it can be mistaken for random noises if said in a guttural manner.

Also can be said after acheiving a great task.
EX 1: (after looking down a hot girl's shirt)

EX 2:
Guy: Hey!
Poser: Huh?
Guy: Fuck you! Yea yuh

EX 3:
Guy1: Hey, you know that hot exchange student?
Guy2: Yep.
Guy1: I beat it up.

EX 4:
B0B: What kinda animal makes those stupid noises man?
by Nadsafs March 13, 2009
Another way of saying dude. Sounds like dude but said in a deep voice with a "Z" sound in front. Saying it unconsciously makes you look like a dumbass. Usually said in a sarcastic way to mock someone.

Also can be used as a filler, much like dude.
J: My dog died.
A: Zood.
J: Is that it you idiot?

(Girl walks by)
B: Zood she's smokin zood would you hit that zood?

N: yea yuh

B:Zood front and back zood?

N: mm-hmm
by Nadsafs March 30, 2009
Term used to describe a hot news anchor woman that has a nice rack.
"Dude Gina Trunzo on channel 11 is a busty broadcast babe"

"Robin Meade is such a busty broadcast babe that if she were a president, she'd be Baberaham Lincoln."

"Jenny Anchondo is hot too"

Yea Yuh
by nadsafs June 11, 2009

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