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Scop is simply short for Trichocereus Scopulicola, a spineless cacti frequeuntly appearing in Australian cacti pr0n.
Oy yeah, that Scop is hot!
by Prieraceae November 07, 2006
in anglo-saxon society, the clan's historian. remember the book "the giver," and the old guy who remembered everything. a scop is kinda like that
bill: the scop was the clan's historian

pill: kinda like "the giver"
by unusu-al November 08, 2003
Verb: The partaking in one males breast to another in a scooping motion. (See scoop)
Noun: The reffering to someone in a joking manner. Usually used with a Mr. in front of the word.
Im gonna scop you so hard that I'll rip your nip off.

Hey Mr. Scoppa how are you doing on this fine evening?
by Brettly September 25, 2008
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