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Marijuana combined with tobacco. Smoked like weed.
Let's go smoke some scoots!
by ThatGirl132 January 24, 2011
23 10
1. To move over in order to create space

2. To exit with particular haste
1. Scoot over dude! I need to sit down.

2. That bitch showed up at the party and I scooted out of there faster than you can say "Tab Benoit"
by DudeoftheDay March 12, 2005
102 44
A bad case of the runs where the unfortunate individual afflicted has to "scoot" to the bathroom in order to avoid soiling there calvins.
<argv0> Did you take a shit?
<marlon> no, go ahead, I was just in there brushing my teeth
<argv0> Sweet Jesus!!!, you fucking asshole I almost pucked
<marlon> you like that, I had the scoots
<argv0> you sick fuck!
by Danf98 December 16, 2005
60 33
The runs, Hershey-squirts, diarrhea.
Aw, man, I had the scoots somethin' awful.
by The Protagonist July 26, 2005
26 12
The condition that causes a dog to slide around on the floor to scratch his ass. Often due to itching caused by worms.
Damnit, Rover's got the scoots again!
by Big Brett the Bomb Threat December 31, 2003
27 18
(n) - American motorcycle (Harley-Davidson)
"It was a beautiful day. Did you go for a ride on the scoot?"

by Stewart Stakes April 04, 2006
29 21
Anybody that sucks at something or lacks a lot of skills; loser; scrub
"Ya'll suck. Ya'll some scoots." or "SCOOOOOOOT!!!"
by up_likewhat April 28, 2009
38 34