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A massive penis. The owner of the king shlong has an unspeakably massive wang and must let everyone in the near vicinity know this fact.
Here love, you think you got game? You think you can handle King Shlong without being torn a new arsehole? No lady can lap up King Shlong's pole, here lass, get ya' laughin' gear around this bad boy!

by Metalmeltdown September 04, 2006
a term with several contrasting meanings

1. to move around a table or seating area to allow another person to sit around and enjoy your company

2. the vagina

3. marijuana
my girls' scooch is god damn lush. she keeps it in tasty nick that everytime she's near I just gotta have her tasty scooch.

the stoners at school love to smoke the chong. his eyes are so red it looks like he's been taking hits on the scooch all night, suckin' back on a few bags of jamaica's finest.
by Metalmeltdown August 31, 2006
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