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this nees at least 20 letters for the definition...soo ya hey!
I am the sexy venga babe!
(sexy party girl)

or..the VengaBoys (party boys)
by Tiffany December 21, 2004
52 28

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cunt bastards derogetroy slang small penises
It actually is a slang term, in various countries, for female genitalia, similar to cunt. Un derogetory word that egotistical males that watch too much porn, and their own 'hem hem' are no larger than a blunt crayon. NOT A PARTY!..... Frickin' weirdo.
Shit face #1: AAAAhhhhh, all boobs, and gams, and sluts, and STI's, and a whole shit load a venga.
by soocold May 03, 2006
32 57