A righteous dickslap to the face
scooby snack haiku:
here's a scooby snack
gotta keep my pimp hand strong
where's my money, ho?
by ryan September 14, 2004
A hit of LSD on a starburst candy.
Did you sell all of your Scooby snacks?
by Jnut October 08, 2003
The sausage patty served in jail. Called a scooby snack due to the resemblance of a dog biscuit on the t.v. show.
Can I have an extra scooby snack?
by 220 in Seattle October 24, 2005
A secret code that to those who are unaware means eating junk food or a reference to the cookies in the popular cartoon, but to those who use marijuana, it means to smoke a blunt. marijuana, 4/20, 420, blunt, Mary Jane, weed, smoke a blunt, smoke weed, Snoop Dogg, doobie, ganja, reefer, roach, cannabis, grass, bong
Tristan, are you indulging in some scooby snacks at the party tonight? Brian, what are you talking about, I told you I'm going to eat before I go! Tristan just nodded, he knew Brian understood what he was talking about.
by joecoolthefool September 05, 2016
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