A very attractive person.
Now there's a grade-A Scooby snack! Yow!
by Geenius at Wrok February 29, 2004
A hit of LSD on a starburst candy.
Did you sell all of your Scooby snacks?
by Jnut October 08, 2003
The sausage patty served in jail. Called a scooby snack due to the resemblance of a dog biscuit on the t.v. show.
Can I have an extra scooby snack?
by 220 in Seattle October 24, 2005
For a vicoden tablet.
Give me another scooby snack!
by RDIESEL November 01, 2003
when a cat licks it genitals
"dude your cat loves scooby snacks"
by NobRot October 25, 2007
When you inhale and weed gets in your mouth
Dude I just got scooby snacks

I just scooby snacks and it taste like shit lol
by the_2ndguman October 01, 2014

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