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1. A food whose taste that, when consumed while stoned, is considered by the stoned individual to represent the pinnacle of gastronomic delights.

2. An appropriately broad term that refers to a highly individualistic and subjective range of foods and tastes.
Typical exchange using the term Stoner Food:

Stoner One: Dude, we should get somethin' to eat...

Stoner Two: Ya bro...I could go for some tacos right now...

Stoner One: Fuck tacos dude...We should get a fuckin' pizza...Like, maybe a Hawaiian or some shit. No! BBQ! BBQ's the shiznit!

Stoner Two: No way dude...Tacos or you're driving...You drive, your choice...

by Jdog1 September 14, 2008
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frozen meals and cereal is stoner food, they're easy and dont require alot of brains to make.
jasons frezer is full of hungry-mans, what alot of stoner food
by July 15, 2004
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Any random combination of random food stuffs that would not seem to go together.
Some examples of stoner food:

A chocolate sauce, peanut butter, and ranch Dorito sandwich.

Or a Pop Tart with Easy Cheese on it.
by McBum April 21, 2010
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Background. I dunno. My friend Chris. Cuz' he is a nerd. Definition: Apparently cheetos and cocoa pebbles. Lol.
Me: Mm. Cheetos and cocoa pebbles.
Chris: stoner food *panda smiley*
by Tia April 17, 2005
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