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A male and female swinger couple where the man gains sexual gratification through watching his partner engaging in sex acts with one or more other males
Look a cockold Billy there, he watched and beat off while two guys fucked his girl
by Fixer December 08, 2007
The dominant partner in a lesbian couple and usually identified by their very ugly and masculine appearence. The bulldyke is often very protective of the submissive patner.
See that pig-ugly bitch with the mullet, she's gotta be a bulldyke
by Fixer December 08, 2007
British slang reference to the automotive brand of Subaru in general and to the Impreza 4 door saloon or 5 door wagon specifically.
Wow! just listen to the sound from that Scooby!
by Fixer December 08, 2007
Nigerian slang used to describe a foreigner - usually a Westerner - recently arrived in country and who is often unfamiliar with local customs and therefore a target for 419 or scammers
See dis JJC, he bring plenty Dollar-o
by Fixer December 08, 2007
During the process of giving birth, the woman's perineum may be cut to allow for an easier birth. After the baby has been delivered, the cut is stitched back up. It is rumoured that, on the male partner's request an additional stitch is made closest to the vagina to make the vagina tighter when the stitches have healed and intercourse resumes.
Hey Doc, just pop in a virgin stitch will you, or she's gonna have a hole as big as a cow's cunt
by Fixer December 08, 2007
A non-existent word used by arty-farty americanophile types to describe the action of taking portrait photographs
We specialise in premium portraiture

Q WTF is portraiture?

A Errr...portrait photography
by Fixer December 08, 2007
A gay bar/nightclub,of the type where the barmen are scantily clad in leather gear.
Guess who i saw at a bag bar last night?
by fixer November 26, 2007
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