To put together an ingenious plan or to blueprint a clever idea.

~The name "Scofield" is taken from the TV show Prison Break, where Michael Scofield always had a clever plan in each episode.
To "pull a Scofield".

Kevin: Did you hear about Dan getting out of work early today? His plan was brilliant - he pulled a Scofield!

Jay: Oh, word? You got the scoop? I wanna try.
#idea #plan #plot #blueprint #design #sceme
by James Werdsbond March 18, 2010
Top Definition
someone who is running away from something, escaping something.
this adjective appeared due to the famous tv show Prison Break character Michael Scofield, who breaks out of jail.
dude1: hey! where you going scofield?
dude2: i have to take a piss!
#coward #runner #escaping #prison break #scofield
by J-Lima December 23, 2008
To play a prank of adding chili peppers to someone's food when the recipe doesn't otherwise call for them. From Scofield Units, the index of a chili peppers' amount of pungency and heat.
Man, is Richard gonna be sorry he did that shit to me! I just gave him a bigtime scofield!
#chili pepper #jalapeno #habanero #capsaicin #rat turd
by pentozali April 26, 2009
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