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Burnouts; kids who used to be goth but got too lazy or couldn't afford the black nail polish anymore; these people are not smart and don't shower very often
Don't hang out in The Pier after school--that is what all the scodes do.
by FZ January 05, 2006
44 17
A goth or "gahth" that doesn't take showers.
Look at that scode he smells like crap
by frank July 25, 2003
24 13
A person who buys everything from Hot topic. Including their Clothes, Jewelry and whatever music the store carries.
Way to shop at hot topic scode!
by Hdj January 28, 2008
10 13
A shitty chode. Offten used as an insult.
Lane is a scode.
Lane you big scode.
by Kenny45 January 31, 2007
9 17
slang term for a cigarette that does not include the brand bronsons which are so disgusting that they are not even called a cigarette.
hey bro, let me get a scode from you, yo bro, i just need a quarter and we got a pack of scodes
by matt holleran December 21, 2009
1 14
Food stains on your t-shirt.
That dude always has scode on his shirt.
by Tony Wilson March 14, 2004
5 20
a long pointy penis
by weng January 25, 2003
5 32