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The term started in England with the old expression " Top of the morning to you". The term then was said when noble men would "tip" the "top" of there top hat in the sign of their well being. Hence they are tipping there top to signal they are in top shape or things are at the top of the order.
man 1 : " How was the movie?"
man 2 : " Tip Top"
by Hdj February 19, 2008
Nickname for NHL NY Rangers Jaromir Jagr 68#
Jagrmeister got another goal!
by Hdj January 28, 2008
Is a 40.oz beer bottle emptied and ready to be used as airborne missile.
"Watch out for that bum with the beer, he's about to turn that bottle in to a hobo missile"
by Hdj February 19, 2008
When you wrap a tissue around your nose and fill it with snot ether by sneezing or blowing
(sneeze)*Ah Choo* yuck, I turned this tissue in to a nose cone.
by Hdj January 28, 2008
When a person snitches on someone's secret like a drunken fool.
" Why did you have to go all Tipsy Topsy on me and make me look bad"
by Hdj February 19, 2008
Is a game played when their is a mass quantity of post-it's at disposal. The game rules are you can punch any one who as a post it on their body. The second rule is , you can only punch the section of the body the post its on.
man 1: "whyd you just put that post it on me"
* gets punched*
man 2 : " POST IT PUNCH!"
by Hdj February 19, 2008
A well used name for a Mexican Pimp.
You need a hot lady tonight? Go ask Papone, He'll hook you right up.
by Hdj January 28, 2008

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