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1. A Nickname for San Fransisco
2. A Nickname for one of my friends, Statten Corwin, #13,Kick-Ass Basketball Player
1. I'm heading over to sco for some chow
2. You see Sco dunk that ball he's a total Balla
by Willie the Great May 08, 2005
Slang for San Francisco
lets go to the sco after school.
by Julio December 03, 2004
An endangered species considered so pointless and useless that no effort is to be made towards conservation.
SCO is soon to be extinct.
SCO who?
by TonyM October 23, 2003
A person from Braddock, Pa
Waddup sco?
by pghdddddddddd June 20, 2014
Acronym for Self Check Out. Also known as a self-serve checkout. The alternative to a manned register at a supermarket. A group of registers seen in new and refurbished supermarkets that allows customers to scan and pay for their own items, hopefully with minimal assistance from a staff member.
The staff member must press 'Go to SCO' after assisting the customer in the assistance mode so the register returns to the customer 'scan and bag' mode.
by Sos-88 August 02, 2010
It is a conjunction of the phrase "let's go." First used on the television show King of the Hill by Dale Gribbel. Preferably used repeatedly and increasingly intense.
"Hey guys, sco to eat?"

"sco Sco SCO SCOOO!"

"Sco, dude."
by Dave Randall June 01, 2007
a segull that shits by the beach
Wasn't too happy when the Sco had his way with my towel
by skyhigh88 February 03, 2010
its like score but cooler than a mofo.
Dude came to your house to see if you wanted to chill, since you wouldnt answer your phone. When i got there your mom was there drunk. She came onto me and i got her shirt off!!! Sco!!
by Henerez October 01, 2009