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21 definitions by Julio

people that are white.
Man, what are those white people into now?!
by julio January 12, 2003
3809 2975
Slang for San Francisco
lets go to the sco after school.
by Julio December 03, 2004
369 94
Anybody of Mexican descent. The name was given to them because many of the non-English speaking Mexicans came into this country illegally, which in other words, "jumped the border" thus earning them the nickname Border Jumper
Que te lasima que casa a hola nuevos?
What the fuck did you just say you border jumper?!?!
by Julio August 10, 2004
135 30
One who has mastered the art of being cool.
Sure, Julio stole the only girlfriend you've ever had but that's why he's the freakin' Cool Master
by Julio June 09, 2004
36 14
movie that open to theaters in 1998. the story about three student film makers who mysteriously disappeared in the black hills in burttketsville. their film was latter discovered burid under an old house that was first built in the 1800's.
im the blair witch beware my power.
by julio February 12, 2004
42 22
War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Truth.

Thats what my freind told me.
big brother is watching you.
by julio July 25, 2004
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The part of a stove that looks eeriely like the Italian Peninsula.
whoa! look at that stove's lonth!
by julio March 24, 2005
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