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The noise a person makes when:Excited, Startled, Scared, Suprised, In Fear, Awwstruck.

Derived from the sound a "damsel" in distress would make.
Henry sneaks up behind Katie and pokes her. "Eaahjk!" Katie says. "Damseld!" said henry.
by Henerez September 14, 2009
The "cool" way to say slow enough.
How was he last night? slonuff?
by Henerez September 14, 2009
its like score but cooler than a mofo.
Dude came to your house to see if you wanted to chill, since you wouldnt answer your phone. When i got there your mom was there drunk. She came onto me and i got her shirt off!!! Sco!!
by Henerez October 01, 2009

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