its like score but cooler than a mofo.
Dude came to your house to see if you wanted to chill, since you wouldnt answer your phone. When i got there your mom was there drunk. She came onto me and i got her shirt off!!! Sco!!
by Henerez October 01, 2009
Slang for "LET'S GO"!
Hey man SCO!!
by Arthur III July 10, 2008
Short form for "let's go" meaning: let's leave now.
"Hey - let's get outta here" - OK, sco.
Origin - urban ebonics, is relative in form to: skrimp (i.e. prawn); or axe (i.e. ask).
by Fredster July 27, 2007
SCO can refer to two separate computer companies:
The first was the Santa Cruz Operation, which made SCO Unix, a computer operating system, from the 1980's till 2000. In 2000 they sold their Unix holdings and renamed themselves Tarantella, Inc, and were eventally bought out by Sun Microsystems.

The second is The SCO Group, which until 2002 was known as Caldera International, but changed their name after acquiring the Later company's Unix system. They became very notorious in the computer world for their ongoing series of lawsuits and claims that they 'own' the Linux operating system, and that it illegally contains their source code. All of which is rather ironic considering that they were a respected Linux company for almost a decade before they began these actions.
"SCO are a bunch of hypocrites for claiming that Linux stole code from them, when they were selling Linux for 10 years!"
by rgarn February 19, 2007
Verb: to do whatever it takes (assert, deny, obfuscate, fabricate, deceive, procrastinate, tapdance, exhort, cyberterrorize, etc) in order to create a truly convincing alternate reality, fully operational in a paralegal universe and immune to all known forms of US litigation.
They SCOed me so badly my ass hurts.
by DaveJakeman May 31, 2006
intr.v. SCO, SCO'ing, SCO'ed. To piss on the people who gave you your start, as the company Caldera/TSG, "SCO", did when it used Caldera Linux IPO money to purchase Original-SCO assets and then blame Linux for diminishing the value of the acquired property.
The new VP SCO'ed his former associates by laying off their entire division.
by rjamestaylor October 24, 2003
A company which litigates rather than doing anything productive or innovative. Funded by and similar to Microsoft.
SCO sued me again.
by None June 01, 2003

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