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A car designed by Scion to take over the Celica's demise in 2005. This car is very tuner friendly, with the plethora of Toyota Racing Development (TRD) parts and accessories. This car has its aim on the Honda Civic and Acura RSX. It is capable of reaching nearly 500hp with affordable modification on a reliable Camry engine, that would cost thousands amoung other vehicles. It has a one of a kind, eye-appealing shape, unlike the first Scion breeds the xA and xB. It is called the tC to avoid confusion with Volvo who has an XC model line. Best bang for your buck prices starting in the mid teens and up to 20 with many factory modifications. Its just starting out and already roxoring my boxors... a very smart move by Toyota.
"hey dude... nice civic heh-heh-... ya man i got like the biggest wing evar... oh shit.. check out that tC... oh yeah its supercharged unlike my civic and i will die."
by daveelsouth July 24, 2005
The most badass car ever made. The scion tc is very fast and can attract any female within 500 miles of the area it is in. The scion tc was made for young hipsters by toyota to stomp a honda civics ass. it specializes in late night street racing and is only driven by super cool people. is known for killing v6 mustangs on the street.
Honda driver: im gay!

Scion tc driver: I know im gunna go over here and sex these fine girls!
by js56u865 December 23, 2008
A good car that has great features. The car has more room then some other sport coupes such as the civic si which is small for passengers to fit in the back sits. The scion tc is a smart move by toyota because it has alot of features for the car like trd parts etc.. The scion tc is one of the best sport coupes up to date because the pricing is practical, the engine is realible and economic, and most importantly the car can be turn in anything you want it to be. With the right parts the scion tc can be as fast as you want it,but the car needs to be manual. Overall the scion tc is the future of toyota and one of the best cars you can buy that does not hurt your wallet and most importantly get you to point A to point B in style.
The Scion tc will always fit your style. The Scion tc is car is a great.
by Bh12 December 23, 2007
The only good-looking vehicle Scion's ever made (only applicable to 1st generation model).
Jeb: "Hey man, I heard you got a Scion. It isn't one of the weird boxy it?"
Bob: "Nah, I got a Scion tC."
Jeb: "Phew."
by rob_acid January 29, 2011
equivalent to a hot girl with no tits.
man 1: dude youre scion tc sucks.
tyler: *sobs*
by fattony1994 October 18, 2011
Bear shit.
Man 1: Dude do you smell Scion TC?

Man 2: Sure do!
by Realmendriveyotas January 21, 2010

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