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The act of ejaculating in a comical manner, usually the word is accompanied by an up and down hand motion and a hand in the person being told's face.
jizz ejaculate skeet
Martin: Yo dude, I'mma schwip on your face just like I did to your mom!
Davon: Dude that's just messed up bro.
#jizz #skeet #skeet skeet #ejaculate #zap! #pow! #mom
by LemonGuy0016 September 29, 2014
7 Words related to schwip
verb - taking a sip of any Schwepppes product, typically used when giddy.
"Dude, gimme a schwip of that ginger ale!"
#sip #ginger ale #drink #spew #giddy #swip
by M. Geib April 26, 2008
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