a word synonomous with sweet, yes, or "great for me." A great filler in those awkward moments or a completely apporpriate sound effect to emphasize those rarities when lucky shit comes your way, not lucky like you just got laid, but lucky like, you found a twenty when you were starving, or the ex that broke your heart sees you kissing you new brad pitt lookalike beau. It is extremely useful and fun to say following something sweet that happens to you ...aka...it's the perfect word
situation: You and your buddy are completely toked and you haven't eaten all day....you get to the campus ice cream shop five minutes after closing..and hey guess what! It's open and evne better the cash register is alreayd closed so you'll be getting served for free..."Schwing!"
by Stephanie Ferrara April 11, 2006
Top Definition
When Garth or Wayne (Wayne's World) pop a boner. How you feel when you see an extremely hot chick. excellent...
-number one babe, Kim Basgner...SCHWING!
-Casandra is a total babe...schwing!
-those arent wing-dings...those are SCHWING-DINGS!
by Ian March 02, 2004
Swchwing (v.)(sh-wing)

To give or to acheive an erection. Past tense:Schwung (as opposed to the common incorect form schwinged). In old english used as schwingeth. May also be used as an onomatopoeia.
Schwinger: One who inspires the erection.
Schwingee: One who receives an erection.
All of the above can only be used in a masculine context.
Origin: Wayne's World (movie)
1. Alas the schwungen slong!
2. Dost thou schwingeth thine slong at me?
3. "Nice tits...schwing", said the schwungen elf.
4. Schwing me please, thou beautious schwinger. Let me be your schwingee!
by Dr.Badfish's Minions December 30, 2005
A "stiffy" or "boner". A sound made when an attractive female approaches or pass' by.
by Tom May 12, 2004
Characterized by thrusting the pelvis upward sharply after experiencing an erection or after discovering something incredibly exciting and worth such an action
"I just saw your Mom...she made me go SCHWING!!!!"

"Dude...no work?!?!? SCHWING!"
by Ally and Becca May 17, 2005
Said when a beautiful woman is seen. Onomatopoeia. Describing the sound of a sword being unsheathed. Phallic connotation.
Hoowie, look at her!! Schwing!
by Ken December 01, 2002
(n) From Mike Myers: Schwing is the sound a sword makes as it is being removed from its sheath.
Wow, check <Schwing!> out all the <Schwing!> babes here <Schwing!> tonight!
by keyshaw August 17, 2004
orignally from Waynes World.
Its used to salute fit people.

You need to watch the movie to use it to the total effect as their is actions and everything with it!
"Check out that babe!"
(in unity) "Sch-wing!"
by lucimie July 09, 2005
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