an overly awesome word that expresses intense feeling in a short, im too cool for that manner.
usually used when the person feels that he or she is above, and better than whatever is being said, but actually is wanting to explode and scream in excitement.
Susie-"OMG Tina! You just won a billion dollars!
Tina-::not changing any emotion::"..schwang"
Top Definition
a slang form of the word penis
"Yeah last night he just whipped out his schwang for everyone to see"
by bing July 01, 2003
Verb; the act of seeing a hot girl
SCHWANG! To the left
by HEDGY May 14, 2010
The act of schwanging originated in SoCal, specifically Daygo, and can be performed by opening all of your car doors at a stop sign or light, or even when you first start your car, and gas it really hard to have them slam shut.

There is also reverse schwanging, which can be performed by opening all of your doors before going in reverse, and slamming on the brakes which then causes the doors to shut.
Playboy in his whip over there opened his doors at the red and I knew he was about to be schwangin
by vitamin p August 21, 2009
A slang term for the penis in the erectoral state. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
Noun: "Dude I was sitting on his lap and suddenly the schwang just like came out of nowhere..."
Verb: "He totally schwanged on me man!"
by streamteamasia February 19, 2006
1- Slang for a penis (also see "schwanker")

2- A word used to show expression.

Tim- "Oh my God the hizzy is off the shizzy with the pizzy and the dizzy!!!"

David- "Schwang."
by Tim K and David S December 05, 2005
The act of schwanging the ball around the perimeter until the head coach is satisfied that Donne has the ball.
Blubaugh: "Schwang, schwang, schwang until donne gets it!!!!"
by Ty lawson May 21, 2008

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